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Environmental Policy

Logiwaste designs, builds, provides service for and operates systems for automatic collection and handling of waste and laundry. We are constantly striving to reduce the negative environmental impact of our business operations and offer our customers solutions that reduce their impact on the environment.

For us it is a matter of course to comply with current environmental legislation and applicable local, national and international regulations and requirements.

At Logiwaste, the environmental work means that:

  • environmental considerations should permeate every part of the business activities and be respected in our decisions
  • environmental requirements are imposed on our suppliers and partners, based on both our own and our customers' requirements
  • we identify and continuously assess our significant environmental aspects to be able to take- and follow up on- actions to reduce environmental impact
  • we regularly acquire knowledge of environmental matters, applicable laws and other requirements as well as educate and inform all concerned employees
  • we will constantly streamline the energy use and steer our own operations for a sustainable use of resources
  • organisation, assignment of tasks and roles at Logiwaste are distinct and clear
  • all Logiwastes’ employees and suppliers must participate in our environmental work
  • we will assess and manage environmental risks systematically and from a lifecycle perspective, in product development, in our projects and in our service assignments
  • Logiwaste will actively have a dialogue with our customers and use our solutions and competence to reduce negative environmental impact in the collection of waste and laundry
  • environmental management is an integrated part of Logiwastes’ works
  • constantly improve the business operations and constantly work to reduce environmental impacts


Upplands Väsby August 12, 2019