• Logiwaste in brief

    We contribute to better overall economy, environment, and a sustainable future with our automated vacuum collection systems for waste and laundry.

Logiwaste creates added value for both customers and owners with our expertise in automated waste and laundry collection technology combined with good business sense and innovative drive.


About Logiwaste

Logiwaste is a Swedish environmental technology company founded in 2006. The company contributes to a better economy, better work and local environments, and a sustainable future through holistic solutions within automated waste and laundry collection.

A market leader

Logiwaste is a leading operator in the Nordics for automated waste collection solutions in residential and central city districts, and commercial properties, as well as for the automated collection of waste and laundry for hospitals and other care facilities.

Comprehensive vendor

Logiwaste has a complete range of products and solutions that provide added value for our customers as reduced costs, greater efficiency, improved work environment, and a sustainable society.

Our management system

Logiwaste is certified compliant with quality management system ISO 9001, the environmental management system ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, management systems for work environments. Read more about our work and certificates here.