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All Logiwaste ISO certificates upgraded to the latest standard


All three of the Logiwaste ISO certificates are now upgraded to the latest standards. ISO9001: 2015 for quality, ISO14001: 2015 for the environment, and the new ISO45001: 2018 for work environment that replaces OHSAS 18001.

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Stavanger University Hospital chooses Logiwaste system for automated waste and laundry management.


With the new Stavanger University Hospital (SUS2023) at Ullandhaug, the region gets a new, 100,000 sqm hospital with approximately 640 beds. Logiwaste delivers the system for automatic waste and laundry collection at the new hospital. The system thus gives the staff a user-friendly, efficient and hygienic way of handling waste and laundry, from the inlet door all the way to the terminal.

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Technical Insight: Ergonomics and hygiene meet efficiency and automation when the New Karolinska Hospital handles waste and laundry.


Logiwaste has delivered three systems to the new Karolinska Hospital. The systems provide the hospital with efficient and automated waste and laundry management. At the same time, the systems provide an easy, hygienic and ergonomic handling for the user.

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Innovative waste collection system in Lørenskog, Norway


Skårer area in Lørenskog kommune northeast of Oslo will over the next few years be developed with over four thousand new homes. Logiwaste is contracted to build the automatic waste collection system that will handle the waste for the residents. An innovative solution with a low-profile waste terminal is an important part of the system.

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Logiwaste continues with AAA rating from Bisnode


Logiwaste has this year continued to achieve the highest credit rating AAA by Bisnode. This is a rating that only 3% of companies in Sweden reach up to.

The Trippel A rating from Bisnode has been around since 1989 and is today Sweden's most well-known credit rating system. To be rated as AAA - the highest credit rating a limited company can receive, requires that the limited company has been active for at least 10 years, trading over 2 million SEK and having key ratios that are significantly above the industry average.

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Logiwaste Annual Report 2016


Logiwaste continues to be one of Sweden's fastest growing environmental technology companies. During the year, the company's positions strengthened through increased net sales, improved earnings and improved profit margin. Strong development of the order book, internationalization in selected markets and the establishment of a new business area with mobile sopsug are some of the highlights of this year's annual report.

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The groundbreaking ceremony - Inauguration of the building of Southern Brunnshög


Logiwaste supplies the sustainable waste management solution to Lund's new district, South Brunnshög. An automatic, hygienic and easy waste management gives residents a better environment and less heavy transport in the area.

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The newly opened Persaunet Health and Welfare Center manages the waste with vacuum solution from Logiwaste

Trondheim's newest and most modern nursing home, the Persaunet Health and Welfare Center with 96 care beds and 50 care apartments has been opened to the municipality's care recipients. Within the project, a compact, automatic waste collection solution from Logiwaste was selected to automatically handle the waste in the nursing home. 

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Logiwaste delivers system for laundry and waste management to hospital in Denmark

Continued successes for Logiwaste in Denmark - Contract with the new hospital DNV-Gødstrup in Herning. The new hospital DNV-Gødstrup in Herning, Denmark, chose a waste and laundry solution from Logiwaste to handle laundry and residual waste in the upcoming hospital. All collection and transportation of residual waste and laundry will as a result be fully automatic, from waste and laundry inlets, via piping systems to containers in the terminal. This gives the hospital a wide range of benefits regarding hygiene, work environment and total cost. 

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Logiwaste delivers automated waste collection solution to Kungälv Hospital

Kungälv Hospital was built in 1964 and has over the years been extended and refurbished. An increasing population in the surrounding area has led to a need for continued development of the hospital and its premises. The hospital will now add a brand new hospital annex, which will include 280 beds. One of the hospital's goal with the expansion is to reach gold level in accordance with the environmental certification system "Miljöbyggnad". From a sustainability perspective, this level corresponds to the best solutions and technology for the hospital. Logiwaste has been contracted to deliver an automatic waste collection solution to efficiently handle the residual waste at the hospital, from the wards down to the terminal. 

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