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    Servicing, operation and maintenance of waste vacuum system

    Comprehensive servicing coverage for automated collection systems for waste and laundry

We make things easier for our customers regarding the ownership and maintenance of a waste vacuum facility, by offering clear and comprehensive servicing coverage. This includes everything from the most basic actions to complete service and operation responsibilities.  

We makes it simple and trouble-free

We always tailor our service offers to exactly what each customer really needs, nothing more and nothing less. Since every system is different in size and scope, our services are, too.

Comprehensive service offering

We offer a complete set of services, from the most basic actions to servicing and operational responsibilities for complete systems.

We service systems from all suppliers

We can offer our services for all installed waste vacuum facilities regardless of the original manufacturer. We are familiar with all of the systems and technologies used in all the available waste vacuum systems on the market, such as Logiwaste, Envac, Eleiko, MariMatic.

Servicing and planned maintenance

Regular and systematic servicing of waste vacuum systems is a prerequisite for good performance and a high level of reliability. With planned maintenance, you also ensure that your system has a long lifespan. With stocks of crucial operating components that are adapted to the client’s needs, stoppages can quickly be rectified and operational interruptions minimised. 

Repairs and troubleshooting

In case of urgent problems and a need for direct troubleshooting measures such as repair or replacement of components, Logiwaste can offer fast action from personnel on site.

Operations, emergency cover and support

Logiwaste offers customer-adapted solutions for the daily operation of waste vacuum facilities. From basic services such as remote monitoring and remote control in the event of a malfunction, to a comprehensive commitment whereby Logiwaste takes full responsibility for the operation of the facility with personnel on site.
With telephone support, a lot of problems can be solved remotely with the help of a remote connection. For an extra level of security for essential systems and facilities, our on-call emergency cover is a great choice. With a short setup time from a technician on site, the risk of operational interruptions is minimised.

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