Grilstad Marina

Grilstad Marina is one of Trondheim’s largest housing development projects ever. Since its inception, the project has had a high ambition in terms of an attractive environment.

As a part of the area’s far-reaching environmental thinking, a combination of stationary automatic waste collection system (AWCS) was chosen along with bottom-discharge containers to collect and sort the waste. The large-volume waste fractions are handled by the AWCS.

Logiwaste has delivered and installed a fully automated stationary AWCS that manages two types of waste in the area, residual waste and paper. The system includes inlets with touchless, opening and closing. It gives the residents a user-friendly, safe and hygienic solution for easy disposal of their household waste.
The collection of full waste containers are made by trucks from the terminal located on the outskirts of the residential area.
Fully developed, Grilstad Marina will have 48 waste inlets, Logiwaste Outdoor Inlet Model S, approximately 1000 meter pipe system, terminal equipment, containers and control system.

The system has been in operation since autumn 2013. When the residential area is fully expanded, over 900 apartments will be connected to the system.

Logiwaste is responsible for operation and service of the plant since 2013.

Project information
  • Customer: Trondheim Kommune
  • Location: Trondheim, Norway
  • Application: Residential area, 900 apartments
  • System: DN400 mm stationary automatic waste collection system
  • Number of fractions: Two. Residual waste and paper
  • Waste volume: Circa 40m3 residual waste per week
  • Number of inlets: 48 Logiwaste Outdoor Inlet Model S.
  • Pipe length: Approx. 1,000 meter
  • Terminal IFFC-module (Integrated fan, filter and control module), two filter containers
  • Initiated: 2012
  • Plant operation: 2013