The Solbjers district, Lund

In north-eastern Lund, Sweden, a new city district of Brunnshög is being built. As many as 40,000 people will live and work in the area that is planned to be a sustainable, space-efficient urban environment.

The Solbjers project is the first large phase of a new city district. Logiwaste is providing pipe networks and inlets for the automated vacuum collection system for waste from households, trash cans, and local businesses and has an option to also provide the terminal facility. The order includes responsibility for planning and design as well as excavation contracting work.

The area is an example of a sustainable holistic approach where waste infrastructure for residents and commercial premises is tied together with publicly available trash cans in a carefully thought through, intelligent way.

The modern solution Logiwaste will provide will make it easier for residents and people working in the area to make the right choices when discarding their household waste. With source sorting of four waste fractions, users will have a more efficient and environmentally sustainable solution in the area. The waste inlets are adapted for quick, hygienic, and simple handling of waste with a high degree of automation. In addition to waste inlets for residents, the system includes approximately 20 inlets for businesses, and 10 public trash cans as part of the infrastructure and connected to the automated vacuum collection solution.


Land: Sverige
By: Lund
Anvendelsesområder: Boligområde
Antal beboere: 700 boliger
Projektet gennemføres: 2016-2021



Systemtype: Stationært vakuumsystem
Antal fraktioner: 4
Affaldstyper: Restaffald, pap, emballage, madaffald
Affaldsmængde: 131 tons restaffald/år, 73 tons papir/år
Antal indkast: Cirka 30
Antal ventiler: Cirka 30
Rørdimension: 400 mm
Rørlængde, meter: 1300 m



Solbjersområdet, Lund