South General Hospital laundry terminal

The South General Hospital in Stockholm has been continuously expanded and rebuilt over the years. Between 2014 and 2019, an expansion are carried out as part of the county’s extensive investment in healthcare.

The hospital has laundry volumes of 60-90m3 a week to be collected and transported for washing. The customer needed a flexible and automatic solution to efficiently handle laundry during the period of reconstruction of the hospital.

Logiwaste has provided two systems; an automatic laundry system at the hospital and a receiving station at a laundry service facility. The laundry service facility is operated by a private operator and is located outside the hospital.

In the hospital’s facility, laundry bags are transported from inlets directly to three filter-container in the terminal which makes traditional manual handling and intermediate storage in laundry carts redundant.

The project also included construction of a receiving station. This included a laundry hopper and belt conveyors at the laundry facility, to where the laundry is transported in containers. From that the bags are thrown into the hospital’s inlets until the bags are opened at the laundry’s receiving station, it is a completely closed and automatic system. Hygienically and efficient.

Project information
  • Client: Locum, Health care real estate
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Application: Hospital
  • System: DN500 mm stationary automatic laundry collection system and a recieving station
  • Number of fractions: One. Laundry
  • Waste volume: 60-90 m3 per week
  • Number of inlets: Existing
  • Pipe length: 90 meters
  • Terminal: Three filter containers
  • Initiated: 2014
  • Plant operation: 2015