VEA Care home

VEA Sykehjem in Norwegian Karmoy currently has 46 beds for long-term care, short-term care and somatic care. The hospital will expand its premises and will be able to accommodate an additional 61 new clients.

Logiwaste is a part of the development and supplies an automatic waste and laundry collection system to complement the existing system. The system is installed in the new care buildning and integrated with the existing system for both fractions.

Two double shafts with five inlets for waste and four inlets for laundry are installed. As a system, DN400 mm is used for the waste and DN500 mm for the laundry. The existing control system are at the same time replaced and the old system is integrated with the new.


Project information

  • Customer: Karmøy kommune
  • Location: Karmøy, Norway
  • Application: Care home
  • System: DN400 for waste and DN500 mm for laundry. Stationary automatic waste collection system
  • Number of fractions: Two. Residual waste, laundry
  • Number of inlets: Nine
  • Pipe length: Approx. 300 meters
  • Terminal: Existing
  • Initiated: 2016
  • Plant operation 2019