Tiller Øst

Tiller Öst is a new modern residential area in the municipality of Trondheim, Norway. The proximity to forests, open-air areas and parks are central parts of the new residential area. All to create a pleasing local environment for the residents of the area.

Trondheim Municipality has been committed to creating a urban environment with a modern and efficient waste management in the region. This in combination with an environmentally conscious local environment, made a stationary automatic waste collection system (AWCS) the natural choice for handling residual waste and paper waste in the area.

Logiwaste has been awarded by the municipality the contract to build the main pipe network with terminal, as well as the majority of the local inlet networks connected to the system.

All local inlet networks in the area have selected Logiwaste inlet Model C. The inlets are equipped with electronic locking and opening via RFID badges.

In the terminal there are two Logiwaste low-built compactors, with containers providing a compact and efficient terminal solution. The low-built compactors significantly reduce the need for ceiling height compared to conventional compactors. The system compresses residual waste and paper in order to increase the amount of stored waste, thereby reducing the number of road transports.

The system has been in operation since autumn 2016 and development of the area is ongoing. The system is designed for approximately 2650 apartments.

Project information
  • Client: Trondheim Kommune
  • Location: Trondheim, Norway
  • Application: Residential area, 1200 homes and a day care center
  • System: DN400 mm stationary automatic waste collection system
  • Number of fractions: Two. Residual waste, paper
  • Waste volume: About Nine tonnes of residual waste and three tonnes of paper per week
  • Number of inlets: More than 70
  • Pipe length: More than 2100 meters
  • Terminal IFFC-module (Integrated fan, filter and control module) Two low-built compactors
    with containers
  • Initiated: 2013
  • Plant operation: 2016