Moholt 50|50

Moholt 50 | 50 is an ambitious construction project in Trondheim. The building is Europe’s largest building project in solid wood. 632 student apartments are divided over five buildings. It will be built in a housing project that combines good architecture, environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient buildings, sustainable energy supply and future-based waste management

Logiwaste delivers a complete two-fraction stationary automatic waste collection system for the project.

In addition to the student apartments, the automatic waste collection system is also connected on three floors in two shafts in a daycare center.

The system consists of 23 Logiwaste inlet Model C, a pipe system, terminal with a compactor with container and a filter container. The system is controlled by Logiwaste control system.

The residual waste is compressed using a compactor to reduce the need for heavy transport in the area to pick up full containers. A filter container is used for the paper waste in the system.


Project information

  • Customer: Trondheim municipality
  • Location: Trondheim, Norway
  • Application: Residential area
  • System: DN400 mm stationary automatic waste collection system
  • Number of fractions: Two. Residual waste, paper
  • Waste volume: 27 tonnes / week
  • Number of inlets: 23
  • Pipe length: Approx 450 meter
  • Terminal: One compactor with container, one filter-container
  • Implementation: 2015-2019