Löwenström hospital

Löwenströmska Hospital has been in its present form since 1964. Between 2012 and 2017, extensive upgrading of the technical installations in the hospital was carried out. Part of this upgrade was a thorough refurbishment of the automatic waste collection system that has been in operation since the mid-60s.

Logiwaste has conducted a complete review and modernization of the AWCS. This has resulted in a more reliable system and lower operating costs.

System upgrading has been carried out in stages and has included a number of different areas, all of which are critical to safe operation. Areas that have been modernized includes new inlets doors, a new terminal, a new control system and the valve rooms.

The operating costs for taking care of problems with inlet doors for waste and laundry was perceived as a major problem. All inlet doors was therefore replaced with new ones with RFID locking. The installation has resulted in lower energy consumption, fewer alarms and reduced operating costs.

Logiwaste installed a new modern compact terminal for the waste including a new pipeline installation. This was integrated with the existing pipeline and valve room equipment.

Logiwaste has replaced the old control system to a modern. The system is web-based and has a user-friendly interface that simplifies and streamlines system monitoring and control.

In all valve rooms, the old hydraulic valves has been replaced with modern pneumatic valves also resulting in higher storage capacity.

Project information
  • Customer: Löwenström hospital
  • Location: Upplands Väsby, Sweden
  • Application: Hospital
  • System: DN500 mm stationary automatic waste collection system
  • Number of fractions: Two. Residual waste, laundry
  • Number of inlets: 42
  • Terminal IFFC-module (Integrated fan, filter and control module), one filter containers
  • Implementation: 2012-2017