Kungälv hospital

Kungälv Hospital was built in 1964 and has over the years been extended and refurbished. An increased population in the area has led to the need for further development of the hospital and its premises. The hospital will now get a completely new healthcare facility that will include 280 care beds.

With expanded operations and hospital areas, the amount of waste in the hospital also increases. Logiwaste has been contracted to deliver an automatic waste collection system to efficiently manage the residual waste in the hospital, from the departments down to the terminal.

The system includes inlets, complete pipe system, a terminal with compactor and container, a filter container and the control system.

On six floors, strategically placed manual inlets will make it easy and convenient for staff to dispose of waste bags. The waste is temporarily stored and then transported through the pipe system to a container in the terminal where the waste is compressed before further collection for recycling.

Through the new system, the hospital will receive a number of benefits in terms of fewer internal transports of waste bags, less manual handling, and improved hygiene and work environment conditions.


Project information

  • Customer: Skanska
  • Location: Kungälv, Sweden
  • Application: Hospital
  • System: DN500 mm stationary automatic waste collection system
  • Number of fractions: One. Residual waste
  • Waste volume: 385 tonnes/year
  • Number of inlets: 11
  • Pipe length: Approx. 500 meter
  • Terminal: Two containers, one compactor
  • Initiated: 2016