The area of Fabriksparken in central Sundbyberg will be developed during the next few years. The existing office area will evolve into a living, mixed neighborhood with housing, workplaces, commerce and service. When the area is fully developed in 2021, a total of 450 new homes will be connected to the automatic waste collection system that Logiwaste installs in the area.

Logiwaste supplies a complete two-fraction system that manages the residual waste in the area. Waste inlets located on the courtyard of the houses makes it easy and convenient for residents to dispose of their waste.

The system includes, among other things, Logiwaste outdoor inlet model C, pipe system, valve rooms with flap valves and a terminal with filter container and control system.

In the pipesystem, Ni-Hardbends has been installed to increase the life of pipe sections that are located under houses. As a material, Ni-Hard is significantly harder than the material transported in the automatic waste collection system, thereby minimizing wear on the pipe bends.


Project information

  • Customer: Skandia Fastigheter
  • Location: Sundbyberg, Sweden
  • Application: Residential area
  • System: DN400 mm stationary automatic waste collection system
  • Number of fractions: Two. Residual waste, food waste
  • Waste volume: 6,4 tonnes / week
  • Number of inlets: Ten
  • Pipe length: Approx. 370 meter
  • Terminal Two filter-containers
  • Project start: 2017
  • Plant operation: 2019