The Central Hospital in Karlstad

The Karlstad County Council decided in 2011 to build a new operating center at the central hospital in Karlstad. The 28,600 sqm healtcare facility is adapted for the future’s demand on surgery care with cutting edge technology, modern equipment and high flexibility.

The hospital already has an existing vacuum waste and laundry collection system in the older parts of the hospital. Logiwaste was commissioned to install a five-shaft vacuum waste and laundry collection system in the new operating house, as well as to integrate the new system with the existing plant.

Logiwaste has delivered two pipe systems to the new building which was subsequently connected to the existing facility.

A stainless steel piping system for the laundry and a steel pipe system for the waste fraction.

The pipe installation was carried out with high demands for durability as the entire area occasionally suffers from water penetration from an adjacent river. Logiwaste has replaced the older control system with a modern one which integrates the existing and the new garbage system. Connecting the systems and commissioning was carried out almost seamlessly with a very short and planned interruption in system operation.

For the new system the Logiwaste fully automatic inlet-doors with RFID-lock was chosen to get a modern user-friendly solution. For the user, this system means an easy, hygienic handling with a minimum of heavy lifting and manual handling.

Project information
  • Customer: Skanska
  • Location: Karlstad, Sweden
  • Application: Hospital
  • System: DN500 mm stationary automatic waste and laundry collection system
  • Number of fractions: Two. Residual waste, laundry
  • Number of inlets: 22
  • Pipe length: Approx. 450 meter of which 210 meter stainless
  • Initiated: 2012
  • Plant operation: 2016