Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Hospital

The regional hospital in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk in Russia has undergone major renovation and expansion. In connection with this, it was decided to also improve the logistics of waste and laundry by installing a system for automated collection.

Logiwaste was awarded the contract to supply the automated waste collection system which was installed in both the existing parts of the hospital as well as the new extension.

The system supplied by Logiwaste handles two fractions, one for residual waste and one for laundry.

In the system there are in total 51 inlets, used by the personnel for laundry and waste bags. The laundry bags are transported via a pipe system to a laundry terminal with a laundry separator for further handling. The waste is in turn transported through the pipe system a terminal with a filter container. The system is controlled using Logiwaste Control system.


Project information

  • Project: Krasnoyarsk Regional Clinical Hospital
  • Customer: Portopronto
  • Location: Krasnoyarsk, Russia
  • Application: Hospital
  • System: DN500 mm stationary automatic waste collection system
  • Number of fractions: 2 pcs. Residual waste, laundry
  • Number of inlets: 51 pcs.
  • Project start: 2018
  • Plant operation: 2019