The newly opened Persaunet Health and Welfare Center manages the waste with vacuum solution from Logiwaste

Trondheim's newest and most modern nursing home, the Persaunet Health and Welfare Center with 96 care beds and 50 care apartments has been opened to the municipality's care recipients. Within the project, a compact, automatic waste collection solution from Logiwaste was selected to automatically handle the waste in the nursing home.

The system is a typical example of how a nursing home with relatively few places of care, through well planned space can have a compact and cost-effective waste solution. For the staff, the system also means a simple, user-friendly handling of the waste.

In a comment, Magnus Carltoft, Project Manager at Logiwaste says, "This is clearly an opportunity for inspiration for other nursing homes with similar conditions. Persaunet is a good example of how nursing homes and care facilities can achieve a very high level in terms of work environment, hygiene and cost-effectiveness in waste management. "

Lars Jonsson, Head of Marketing at Logiwaste "The market is still strong for building similar care homes in Scandinavia. The same needs and conditions regarding efficient waste management, good hygiene and a good working environment for staff recur more and more when new care homes are to be built. "


For more information please contact:

Mats Höijertz
Head of sales, Logiwaste
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