Logiwaste delivers system for laundry and waste management to hospital in Denmark

Continued successes for Logiwaste in Denmark - Contract with the new hospital DNV-Gødstrup in Herning. The new hospital DNV-Gødstrup in Herning, Denmark, chose a waste and laundry solution from Logiwaste to handle laundry and residual waste in the upcoming hospital. All collection and transportation of residual waste and laundry will as a result be fully automatic, from waste and laundry inlets, via piping systems to containers in the terminal. This gives the hospital a wide range of benefits regarding hygiene, work environment and total cost.

A common pipe system for both laundry and residual waste saves space in confined areas.
In total, approximately 48 inlets will be installed, divided into 17 shafts in the new hospital. The waste and the laundry are transported separately in the pipes, but will to a large extent use the same piping system that connects the inlets to containers. By doing so, the hospital saves a lot of valuable space in the shafts and culverts, says Mats Höijertz, Sales Manager at Logiwaste.

In a hospital environment, vacuum systems for laundry and waste have a number of advantages over manual systems and other forms of automated collection solutions. Not least from a work environment perspective. If large amounts of hospital waste and dirty laundry are transported, there are clear advantages of transporting this in closed pipes instead of using manual or automated open carriages. Better hygiene, less manual work, increased efficiency are some of the benefits.

In Sweden and Norway, these types of solutions are, in principle, the norm when new hospitals are to be built. But we see a big increase in interest from Denmark which of course is very exciting for the future, says Höijertz.


For more information please contact:

Mats Höijertz
Head of sales, Logiwaste
+46 (0)70 471 11 26