Logiwaste delivers automated waste collection solution to Kungälv Hospital

Kungälv Hospital was built in 1964 and has over the years been extended and refurbished. An increasing population in the surrounding area has led to a need for continued development of the hospital and its premises. The hospital will now add a brand new hospital annex, which will include 280 beds. One of the hospital's goal with the expansion is to reach gold level in accordance with the environmental certification system "Miljöbyggnad". From a sustainability perspective, this level corresponds to the best solutions and technology for the hospital. 

With increased operations and premises, the waste volumes at the hospital will also increase. Logiwaste has been contracted to deliver an automatic waste collection solution to efficiently handle the residual waste at the hospital, from the wards down to the terminal. Strategically placed inlets doors on six floors will make it easily accessible and convenient for the staff to dispose of their waste bags. The waste is temporarily stored and then transported through a pipe network down to a container in a terminal for further transport to recycling. With the new system, the hospital gets a number of advantages in terms of fewer internal transports of waste sacks, less manual handling, as well as improved hygiene and working environment conditions.

This a project that has the ability to take full advantage of all the benefits of automated waste collection with an efficient and hygienic handling, says Mats Höijertz, sales manager at Logiwaste.

For more information please contact:

Mats Höijertz
Head of sales, Logiwaste
+46 (0)70 471 11 26